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The strategy map

Strategy has to be measured. Strategy has to give results. If you are owner of the company you want to know how each area of your business are perform. Lets start from financial point of view. You may want to know return on your investment. In simple words it mean, if you invest some time or money in doing something in particular part of your business you want to see the outcome. And that outcome should be greater than you invest. Lets say you invest 10 hours of doing one particular thing in business, then if you value your tome at 100 dollar per hour then for 10 hours outcome should be 1000 dollar minimum. Then we can measure customer opportunity index. It shows how much value we are getting from attracting new customers and how much value we are getting to stay with our customers who with us for few month or more. Index will indicate for us, what is better...to invest more in new customers or invest more in old customers...or 50 on 50. Then we can map our internal strategy. It is when we identify the processes inside of our organisation which make money for us. Identified processes will be then split separately and every process get importance score. So we will be seeing what process should be tuned in for better business performance. Then we can identify on the strategy map the areas of growth perspective. This areas usually are humans growth perspective, systems growth perspective and value creation perspective. The entire map which I described can be programmed on the computer and seen graphically or you can not program...your choice. But map helps better visualise your business as the one system.

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