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The world of business is not what you think

A lot of businesses have different models, functions, performance. And a lot of us just think that we know how it should looks like, those models, interactions...or kind of. And we think that we know everything, but is just not right time at the moment, but later will be better. We keep feeding ourselves with bunch of lies, about why we not do that, why we do other way, why we are like that...excuses, and hundreds of excuses. When I visit the businesses I notice that the people everywhere think differently according to environment...In some businesses people are more about one subject, in another is about other subject. The common thing is just our suggestions that business models are same in every of these businesses, or every business you know is nearly the same. That is biggest lie. And we create these lie because we do not know the truth. We do not how hundreds of other businesses are operate. In same time we create feeling that we know that how they are operate. Even when we visit those businesses, or some of them, we just see picture what we build in our mind models. We see the workers, we see the product in process, we see the management...and we think...that we already know that. That we can do the same. The problem start for majority of us, to accept that we do not know anything. We know nothing. The people even who run these businesses even cant explain us how they run they businesses, because they don't know our communication model. Additionally to that they do not tell you how they making money, they can just say something general. Additionally we judge these general information through our decision process..through our experience...and we have thousands models of interpretations...the possibilities, choices, probabilities, possible events, accidents and so on...there are thousands of them. And then we try to interpret for ourselves that whole to run the business...and we do not understand that we are basically...stupid...but we never admit that until we start critically understanding that our brains is holding less than 99.9% of possible knowledge in the world. So if we want to learn other business models or other way of thinking, first, we need admit that we do not nothing about that subject. We cant understand that because in the first instance we wasn't first source of formation of these elements what we try to understand about. We do not under what condition other businesses became successful for example, we do not what is hidden objects of that processes, we do not know why we see what we is just our imagination that we is nothing. So every business you improving, increasing profit or building is your artwork....and only you are other people can imitate that..only better functional models. It is more easy to build new model of business, rather than copy someone else.

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