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Thinking Big

The idea of thinking big comes to me from the simple big is for you big? Some has same level of business and it is big for them, some people has 10 times bigger, some even 100 and 1000 bigger than you can imagine. Thinking big it is not only about thinking how your business operate or perform, but more about transforming your understanding into operations. We all can talk, but only few can transform what they talk into something meaningful what makes money for they businesses. The ability to understand new information in business helps businesses to grow and expand. We all read news, watching TV or read internet, but not many of us understand useful information. Even if they understand, that it is useful, only minority can apply to they business, because of the resistance to progress. We all have excuses and comparisons to the existing situation. We are happy to stay at the same level, because we do not want to progress. We are scared to progress. We are running from the psychological pain. That why many business stay on the same level, decline or die. Not to many businesses are fight. To start thinking big, businesses need to start thinking about themselves. They need to understand why they are trade on the same level and do not want to progress at least at 10% per year. Thinking big idea is about to expand current situation into more bigger situation in order to expand the business and make more profit. If someone think that thinking big idea doesn't work, then they are limit themselves with possibilities to expand they understanding and knowledge. Accept yourself at the level where you are now. Admit that you deserve more. Admit your falls, weaknesses and losses. Only after accepting yourself like you are you will grow your business. Try something new from tomorrow. Say someone that you admit one weakness in yourself. From that point your business start grow with you. You will see how. It is freedom. It is you. Be free.