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Thinking only positively lead to the business crash

You know that all trainings, motivational speeches...a lot people influenced by them. Not to many people can talk openly and only the truth. I bet that if someone tell you that your life is shit and business shit you start asking calmly why he/she thinks that way. We all think that we are perfect and cant accept the criticism about ourselves and businesses. We all want to hear only good news about ourselves and good news about our businesses...and that why many of our business operations, strategies, ideas do not make for us money. I explain you why. When you think that you are perfect, that your business is perfect and you reject constructive ideas that some of your ideas in business are rubbish, then you build kind a wall. The wall of protection. This wall protects you against bad people...who telling that your business is bad some particular areas. We talk here about constructive critics. And we so much in love with our perfection that we buy crap ideas from the good people who love us and tell us that out business is perfect. We so much in love with ourselves that we build in other people our love, that they are good people because they lick ass for us. And you know it leads that one day we having people around us who tell us only that things what we want. And as you notice we want to hear only good news about our businesses. So day....when real bad news should came and tell us that we doing something wrong...we don't have those people who tell us that we are wrong. Because we surrounded ourself only with ass lickers. They only tell us good news. So when the bad news come..they not tell...And our business start crushing. We need someone help to tell that in particular area of business we are crushing...but no...we have only people who tell us good news. So when problems start appear and we notice...we start understanding what we create...but...nobody cant stop our crash...because everybody tell you that everything is perfect with your business. That how we crash our business. I am not against good people or bad people in business. I am for balance. All kind off people should exist in your business or around it. And nobody knows who will make for your business higher profit....everything equal. ...There are no bad good is just business.

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