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Tomorrow never happen

In business when we have resources we tend to think that we can use them for the future growth. Business not happen tomorrow, it is happen now. The biggest issue we have here that we set our minds and vision that something happen tomorrow, forgetting that we are living our lives today. By going into tomorrow strategy, we never achieve what we want to achieve. It is how our mind trick us and play against our logic. Tomorrow success never happen this way. Planning is useless if it not accounted today day. Strategies...they should be connected with at least 5 latest today trends and everyday reviewed. We have to have today strategy to move to the tomorrow day and further. The real what defined our strategy is our action or motion. Without action there are no strategy, it is just excuses not to do the things. If you wanna act, act now. It is your live, take action. You want business growth, then start doing some meaningful action today, not tomorrow. And yes, do not forget, if you trying to reach the point , with your strategy, where you was not before, the actions...your actions...should be totally different from your everyday life. To reach new point in business, you should think differently, talk differently, look differently, breathe differently and so on...you get my point...total recreation. Because...you can the reach the new point by doing the same old actions what you did before. Mind ..you know..play with us interesting things...no matter what you do, it want to do the old way...recreation takes time, because neurons in your brain has to format different routes for impulses...it is the way when you start doing things differently. Usually it takes about 6 month (I tested with myself), with acceptance of the new reality, new vision of business strategies, new level of thinking, in depth business model understanding...it is take time. Now you choose...would you want to stay at that level where you are now, or want to change...tomorrow never happens.

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