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Toxic business

Business like entity...not the human, but many processes are reflection of human actions. And yes...business can start play its own rules...not in your favour. Majority of business processes lead by the people. Over time some people can become toxic. It is difficult to note for the business owners who trust someone. Never trust someone in business. Business only know money talk. When you trust someone and that person become toxic in your business, the growth will stuck on certain level and then start decline. Interesting to note, that you already understand who is toxic and who is not...but majority of people create excuses in they brains for that person....that how your business fail. Like I already say...there are no friends in business and no excuses. No matter who we are...when we understand this matter about toxic people around us, we should deal with it, because we affected by them...or other things around our businesses affected by them. Giving opportunity to people around you to make decisions can lead you to death...i mean business death. Yes, it is good to listen, but always need to have your own decision. You need to see the people. To see who is toxic and who is not. If you have friends or preferences, like people you like or trust, then be prepared...when they become toxic, business start playing against you with those people. Never have relations in business. Only business. Money do not talk.

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