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Trajectories of change

Business has 4 trajectories of change. Lets start from first one. Intermediating change. It is usually have positive effect when buyers and suppliers have the same level of informational exchange. When intermediating change happens, usually, old institutions of trade relations are replaced with new institutions in new form. Then we have second trajectory. Radical change. That change happens when some new tools are introduced and replaced over period. That cycle repeat itself for unpredictable amount time and with unpredictable gap of change. Next is third one. Creative change. Creative change happens when industry itself constantly redevelop assets and resources. It is usually unpredictable even, and happens to enter the market with destructive models of interruption...in other words...non-standard techniques and strategies. Next one is the fourth. Progressive change. It is usually happen, when companies constantly trying something new to sell to the market, in same time watching against the market reaction and keep implementing changes based on the customers feedbacks. That is four trajectories of change. I am personally think that these models just basics and for any change there has to be no boundaries of implementation. You can even apply mix of strategic change to get the result, but more better to think on the top of these models, in order to develop something new.