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Transformation of the values

Every company at some stage progress. When company decide to progress the values inside of the company change and this usually affects entire system. The first step when you decide to shift your company from one value to another, is the value creation. I know it is obvious thing, but it has to have today focus more on the customers, innovative techniques constant generation and of course results. Then you usually execute this strategy. Your environment should support you in terms of the team work and communications. During the transformation process strategy defined at the beginning doesn't has to have exact execution as planned, because it will be always affected by unpredictable situations or not expected results. Your job here is to work on connecting all dots into strategy. Will be a lot of uncertainty, but it is natural process and it is always be like that. During uncertain stages of the connecting dots into one meaningful line, never ever do not turn back, because it is main learning process. The growth usually created from vision, but the main process will be meaningful for you, because you wont understand it until you reach the point, otherwise every organisation will be growing at the speed of the rocket. The growth in not explained, because all people have different points of the journey. Values...which one you have not, will be not the same as they will be after the growth, but you can understand it now, because mind stick with common objects and wont reject it until you start doing something involved uncertainty of the outcome. In our case it is growth...in other words it is transformation of the values.

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