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Turning problems into solutions

We all have business problems in different areas. Lets deal with it. Top problems we can see as the opportunities for our business to expand or deliver extra services in problematic areas. Nothing is bad, it is just opportunity. Opportunity to act differently in given situation create for businesses additional income, because businesses become more diverse. Problems, should be not seen as the problems, because they have different roots of growth into something, what not accepted by the society. It is just not every-day products, that why people call it problems. But it doesn't mean something bad, it is just indication of the situation of your business. It will be your choice to act on this indication or to stay alerted. Your choice, not someone else, but your. And it is will be your choice to turn these indications into profitable solutions, because no one not tell you how to turn them into something profitable for your business. If you have knowledge, you know how to act, if not then you can use trial and run strategy, it is where you risk doing something and study outcome. React somehow, do not ignore it. Live sometimes show right direction for you and your mistakes it is just part of the whole strategies for your business. Live like that. You choose how to react on it. You can call it problem, I call it live.