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Two dimensional systems and three dimensional systems

In business we see processes as the good one and bad one. Not to many people see something between good and bad. And that how businesses not progressing. They thinking that way. Three dimensional thinking is rejected by the majority of businesses. We see good things as the good and bad as the bad. We do not understand that in some cases good is bad and bad is good or even more ...that processes do not have good or bad points. Businesses fail...80% in two years of businesses crash. People implement the systems ...they want to implement the good systems...which is work. How they check the systems in business which one is good? The take it from somewhere. Not to many businesses..who I think already make billions...think the same way. There are no answer in business success or not success....you either do things what you like or copy from someone else. If you copy....then more likely you will fail...you do the things which one your brain reject. Look on yourself what you do. Do not think about your businesses processes as the good or bad....do what you like to do...and watch the market. With cooperation with people you will find the answer. I know it is hard way, because our brain rejects complex decision and accepts easiest one. And you know what...never reject weird business solutions or ideas...think about it, try it , in many cases there are no difference between illogical decisions in business and logical...in both cases you have same possibility of success/not success. Look on small things around your business decisions. Look on environment around it...study it...study in depth. I tell you small story...one girl asked me to help in business...she has a small company. I study her. I study her personality, pictures, comments ...everything what I can. I found picture of her from university graduation...expensive clothes,,,,dress...but..I found on one picture her with can of the cheap bear. And I made a lesson for myself and for you....Never do not be influenced by the other things in short time. Never be influenced by the something what you do not know. Nowadays we have a lot of fake people, who's personalities not stable. To understand this you need to learn them and the systems around your business, because those people are easily manipulated...they do not have three dimensional systems in they heads, in they business, in they lives...I do not think it is bad for you, because ...just use it.

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