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Understanding another company

When we view another company as competitor or just as the company, we need to give clear objective decision about this. Why do we need this? Because we need to judge things properly and see clearly what other companies do. Lets shift little bit from our ordinary prism of view and try to re-align our ordinary thinking, to check if we see it correctly or not. It will help us to see better strategies, opportunities and make changes for our companies. When we see another company...can you see it objectives? Can you understand its competitive thinking? We cant judge based only on our decision, keep in mind that it is another entity and has different internal structure. We need to see what company do, instead believing in they statements...look on actions. Storytelling is not for easy. Critical thinking is more important to see the other company depth. Then study past behaviour of this company. More likely that company not to much change...some is, but majority stay nearly the same level of action and minus. Then we need to look what signals companies send to outside world. Look how professionally or not professionally they do that. By looking on they creativity to interact with internal world you can see if this company are competitive or do not have strong culture inside of it. Then study what game rules this company use within its with overall rules what other companies use and check why they use different strategy...that will be they weakness or competitive ill see that way companies and study strategies for your knowledge and education....and of your critical thinking point of view for your company progression and your personality growth.

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