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Understanding human difference

The value of company...how it created? If you create value of your company from your values, then probably not to many people will be understanding your vales...or understanding, but not accepting. Values..should be for each of human to be interconnected, if you want to grow your business. The same product has for each person different value, but in total it share majorities same type of values for all people who buy it. Not to many of us having values, what can not be described, or told to others...at some point we all the same, but different in something. Values can be created by the companies who lead the people, the only one chance to promote the companies values. If your company will create those values, then it will take leadership on the market. You need to see the reality...where to connect people needs, images, situations to the opportunity to grow. The leadership here will be rewarded for you. If people like your ideas, strategy, company, then they will support you. Many of us, do not understand that sometimes growth or strategy can not be defined by us, because in some situations it depend on the situation cycle of things and interconnections between them. We sometimes should just follow our idea of growth and not to be involved in situations, which we can not explain. Because...when growth happens, it usually something new coming to our lives...something what is not explainable in first instance. It is how our brain play games with our body...we usually tend to discard new things, than accept it. So if something unexplainable comes to your business, probably, it is opportunity to grow...or you have other choice...doing same things and staying on the same level. I choose growth. What about you?