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Very critical view on your product

Many business owners concentrate on the business without understanding consumer statistics and study the peoples choice. The date they take usually from internet or some non-really trusted source. And they want with this data to build strategy for them. It never gonna happens. Lets looks on major driving forces behind the scenes. Majority of customers just buy the same product in another story. That is the truth. They just do not want to buy product in your story. And you can study you product, improve the strategies, decrease the price...but they still will buy in another story. And you know what...sometimes the best answer is no answer. The customer just decided so. So he did. They just buy in another store. The next element what is usually missing in business people brains, that they niche is not unique. Similar products can be fined on another niche, or even on hundreds another niches. Who say that your product is unique? No...there are a lot similarities on it. Another point to note that customers very often just delay the purchase. Yes, for some reasons they need time to think about investment. Every purchase is investment. As more education we have now over the globe, as more we will be seeing people study our products but not making purchase. That what happens now. Customers are more clever. Additionally to that add the global poverty. People more and more getting poorer. They just cant spend in one second, They need time to decide. And last my point to consider. They just do not want to purchase the product. A lot of people today just study, visit, walk around but not making purchase. You know why? For small product they just wasting they time...kind of walk for them. For big companies they want you to buy they product, that why standing a front of view and trying to make connection with you. That what happens now. We have a lot of invert models in sales process. So do not think that your product is really interesting. No. Ask them what they sell and when they start speak, then it will be clear indication that they will not buy product from you.

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