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We do not control the money

Who own what? Interesting question. Ask someone sitting near you and you will find that he or she, will give you answer from tv or other general source. That way you will realise that in front of you sitting person who can not admit that he do not know the answer. Not many people will admit that they do not know the answer on question about ho control the money. And you can be sure that person in front of view your time waster. I personally research this answer many years. And my findings...maybe they will be interested for you ...maybe not...Lets start from services..usually connected to the governmental institutions. They do not control the money because they do not make decisions about the budget or price for they services....and also if you notice...they are not effective. Next point to note that this information what we have about money around us is limited to the minimum. We have speeches everyday on the radio about death, hurricanes on tv and statistics about other non-valuable things on internet, but....we do not know who control the money. Competitions around us in businesses, in monopolies, in huge organisation...and attention...in organisations who's success came from nowhere are hugely exist around us today, but we ignore it, because we more interested in tv shows, than who control money around us. Poor people on the streets, many people in debts, inefficient systems around us...but we still interested in things in which one we do not participate (politics) or things what makes us greater (feel that somewhere is more worse living conditions than we are now). We forgot to use human language...language of choice. And for making proper decision we need to understand who control the money. Only then we will see the real players around us who give us minimum to have a maximum. Who control your money?...And you still thinking that people are free?....or someone makes you think this way?

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