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What do your business prefer, to have risk or uncertainty?

When someone offers you to buy something risky, you know that chance to get the good deal is 50 to 50. If we have one bad contract, then probability of underperform the outcome of that contract is 50%. But lets take if we have not one, but few contracts. Then we start underperforming. Why its happening? Because as greater fear of uncertainty , as greater we we underperform. There are no logic, because if we have one contract, we are more confident, but if we have many contracts fear of uncertainty slow down our performance. For industries where high risk involved and can be calculated outcome, nowadays outcome is lower than for industries with high risk of uncertainty. In this type of business risk becoming not important element of making money because it can predicted by the one outcome. In industries with high level of uncertainty nowadays more opportunity to make money, because people naturally do not like many unknown results when they deal with that business. You cant commoditize uncertain outcome, and other people create natural barriers for themselves to enter that type of industry. Additionally to that there are no environment created for uncertain type of industries. As greater and multiple risk, as more uncertain outcome will be, especially if risk is multiple-factor and can not be calculated or compared to the past results. Businesses with low capital should pay attention in 2019 to the uncertain opportunities rather than riskier opportunities. If we have low capital, to beat certain companies with certain results is not possible. It is risky, but certain that money will be wasted. Especially if your idea NOT unique and there are more than one companies on the market. Business Trends in 2019 should be more concentrated on the uncertain opportunities, with uncertain outcome...there are chance to make a billions.

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