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What makes company to grow

If you promote your key people who perform well it is first drive for company growth. These people usually give more ideas or push for the business growth. That how big companies grow, according to statistics. Another factor to consider is to stay with same group of people supervised by the same manager. That bring additional growth because people know each other and perform better. Next element of growth it is education. If you need people to perform well for particular task, take more educated people who can perform that tasks. Additionally they are disciplined, but not very creative. Your choice. Another factor of company growth is do not fire people who perform well. I know that sometimes it is good to save some money for the company to lay some people off, but ...if they come back you loose performance, plus workers who stay do not trust you as before and in some cases difficult hire new people who perform well. Another key point it is to note which employee bring more value for particular task. Maybe he is not good in overall performance, but for the key area of the business he bring the most value. So that all what makes your company grow.