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What people need to know about your business

Nobody who do not know you or your bushiness, is not interested in your product. No matter how good product description is, first you need to present your business or your personality to the external world. Maybe you will write or tell someone some story how you start your business. In few sentences (2-3). Then explain why you like to do your business. Explain what different between you and your competitors. Be open in statement, because it will affect your future relationships building with the customers. You can ask advice about your business, like, what things to do more to increase sales or what product benefits people would like to see more on top of the existing futures. By doing that you will interact with the public and building relationships. Also you showing that you have enough expertise to accept self-criticism, and that is part of the evidence of the strong personality who can build strong brand. Tell some fun stories about your business. By doing that you attract similar mind people and building your network. Do not do same as many businesses do at the moment, where they write million words about themselves not interesting to no one. Attract first, before giving a lot of information to your customers. As shorter message, as faster it will be understood. Today not to many people reading a lot of about other businesses, because they do not have time and do not know how to chose between you and other millions. Write short, speak short, make short presentations, until you will be asked to give something more. So, what people need to know about your business?...Your personality.