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What to expect when we are expect

If someone read supply-demand theory, then probably you notice that we bellieve in 100% perfection of economic model. Maybe some of us already notice

how goverment plays around equilibrium(line intersection) simple rat-mouse game. We know that price always different for any product.

And if you are sell your product year by year you probably notice that it is going cheaper and cheaper. Your steps been calculeted by govermental

institutions. You show them your output, somehow, maybe by submitting reports (income, outcome, taxes) or by giving information to others somehow

and they drop the price by offering same services at lower price. You need to understand, that services at the moment not exist, but

if you stay on same price or even put higher prices, then someone will enter market with lower prices. I am arguing here

that this "someone" usually supported by the govermental institutions with loans, credits and they usually do the same job

as you doing but in many cases more worst. But it works. Goverment shift from you contracts, so you are not getting monopolist...reacher.

Everything controlled around this point of equilibrium by the goverment or other bigger institutions. So when you expect something

to happen, this usually not happen. Other forces will be against you, becouse they see the same picture as you see it. Probably the

best strategy on the market today, it is not to having any strategy.

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