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When 2+2=5

Everyone tries to find ways of growth, but market pushing companies to sell at lowest cost as possible. And it is not because the product bad, or good. It doesn't matter. People get more educated and they want something new and extraordinary, but for 20 years our market can introduce innovative products. Yes, we have some, but it is not like booming, where we see innovation, after innovation...more about just upgrading existing. And strictly speaking, companies when they do not introduce wow-factors in upgraded products, not innovate. But old products, what stay year after year on the market shelves, only have two choices..it is to change design and second, drop the price in order to be noticed. Everyone trying to find the ways. Looking on the past growth of the big companies, I have to mention that there is opportunity to grow. It is to apply diversity. Yes, you have to understand that today, when you read this text, the new ideas was born...and how they work on the market,well...depends on the conditions. So if you stuck in the old way thinking, then you probably can not imagine how to grow, but if you start applying critical thinking to the each area of your business or non-standard thinking, then you start questioning yourself about opportunities. To know the right answers, you need to have correct questions. That how non-standard thinking work like. The ability of business to stuck to the existence and not to change, it is natural. And if you do not know how to grow, it is normal. It is just inability to accept others models of growth. And when you will start looking for them, you will see the bigger picture. And you will see beyond your business possibilities, because everything what you have now, it is like it is, and will not take another form until you will start doing something differently.

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