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When innovation can harm your business

It is impossible to avoid innovation. Every company innovate or in process. Weird thing about these process that companies loose they core values, by trying to innovate. They concentrate on some rubbish, like shiny things which give short term profit over the long term stagnation. Companies more concentrate today on the things which usually not worth to innovate. Lets say I have apple. In order to sell I cover it with gold paint. That how innovation happen today. Instead concentrating on the long term growth innovation strategies..or processes of innovation connected to the core values, companies decide to do some sort of cheap innovation. That way innovation makes company poorer and do not attract people with strong capital. In short term company will grow, but it will be harmed more in long term. The innovation today makes more harm for the individuals, because business owners when hire professionals, they more harm they businesses rather than grow. The core values of businesses in many aspects ignored, when innovation introduced today to the businesses. Look on statistics in google, about business fail rate today. You will see that about 20% fail in first year, then 30% in second and 50% in third year...that is in total 100%. About what growth we are talking about? Businesses need to concentrate on they core values, bit not values dictated by the government or other materials designed by the government to feed business owners brains. Build your values and grow with your values, that is innovation. Innovation is to be different at your core business values, but not in small things around your business. Start from core. Start from you. Otherwise you cant control it. If you cant control it, then it is the same as giving other people opportunity to innovate they way or perform they way. And those people will crash your business, because they do not have your core values...they have they core values. Don't paint apple with gold paint.