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When man becomes woman in business

As more and more companies decline in profit today as more culture supports it. Look on the guys in business now. From self-confidence, self respect, self believe, we have more and more system pleasants. They can just stand negotiation or express the opinion...same as woman. I mean nothing wrong with the woman in business, but from my point of view woman have skills for woman, and man have the skills for man. In some cases you negotiate with the man who have the same personality type as the woman...especially in rational thinking. Again, just want to point that woman have they own advantages and man they own. The fact that man have rational thinking gives him more systematic decision making in business. We still have majority business owners and wealth people who gender is male. Therefore at the moment advantage in business taken by the man. In same time I want to point that a lot businesses fail. And the reason for this is simple. A lot of man sounds like woman...they act like a woman. If real man in charge of the company he knows how to deal with the people. And a lot of people coming to do the business have the great knowledge but they do not have usually stamina to achieve it. Many people today have more woman style of thinking, where we can notice the readiness for negotiations, slow to react style of actions, one way truth thinking and non-constructive argumentative communication. We loosing fighters at the moment. We do not have a lot of business males who ready to fight against the system. More and more we have people who just following the same pattern of thinking without giving constructive argumentative opinions. We have schools who makes our children stupid, colleges who break teenagers believe system and universities who just putting graduates into debt. From the history we had the woman who follow the man...now they decide to give equal rights...but I do not understand why its getting worse. Why woman not build the businesses, why we do not have a lot of woman business leaders...Why we have man who become the woman in business. Something wrong with this system. And if we have woman on the top-performing roles they getting less than a man. Why they cant fight....Maybe someone just use this system to make the money. It is shame when man think like woman.