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When to walk away from the deal

You now that gut filing when you have offer and understand....something not right hire ...something wrong. In my experience I had situations like that and I need to say that in major...with 98% correctness...first gut filling is telling you truth. I will describe you steps to figure out how to understand when other person is not clear with you or taking advantage of you. Lets say you have a deal. Person offers you deal. And you have feeling that something is not right...The first answer you should answer yourself...What I am really buying?...answer. It doesn't has to be the product or offer...you can buy decisions, or advices from other person...Just try to understand what you are really buying. Then separate everything from the answer and concentrate on the value of the offer. That core what you are really buying. Don't listen how good it is. Just think what is that core and how it looks like and describe for yourself piece by piece, why you need it. Next thing look on the synergy between you and that person who offers you that product. If you see that he is more professional, more advantage in something, reject the offer. You been manipulated. The deal is empty. And at the exit of the negotiation process just think...what will happens if you just walk away from this offer. Simple. Trust your gut feeling. You can lie to others, but you can not lie to yourself.

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