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When you is not you in business

Many organisation after forming they vision jump straight away into strategy. They concentrate on the making money forgetting what they are. Business lose they identities. After some time, especially when profit decline, owners do no understand why they do not make huge profits like they plan. Simple answer is that they vision are lost. Businesses lost they identity, when they lost they identity the customers do not understand who they are. Businesses accept all kind revenues from every source, paying price later in profit decline. It happens because they got bad people around them who not support them, instead just short-term use them. When vision lost, business forget about themselves and think more about others. About how to generate huge profits. The point is will never generate profits, if people are using you. You need to have vision, who you want to see around your business, who will make your business grow, who you do not want to trade and how all people around your business go in line with your business. You are not you, if you lost your identity. Your vision.