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Which way to grow company

To understand which way your company should grow, you have to understand your company value proposition. In simple words..for what customer willing to pay and how you going to make a money. You need to answer yourself, what your company good at. In same time, you can expand by identifying requirements from the customers and demand from the market within your product/service futures. If you choose wrong growth path, it will cost you more than other people pay in particular industry. For example, if you decide to sell oil in Europe for 2 euro per litre, then your product will be not demanded as other companies oil for 1.50 euro. You need to know how to sell cheaper and how to make cheaper, because expectations always different from practise. But , if you know different direction of growth to sell the oil, for example, by selling oil to the manufacturing companies who produce resin, then you can reformat your strategy and sell them for 2 euro. It is only need to understand what direction of growth you going to expand. Maybe your company value proposition in delivering these oil to factories,then you charge low for that niche price. There are thousands of the growth pathways, need just to understand where your company pay lowest cost for the material and sell the highest cost for the customer.

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