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Who do you trust

Many of us have different level of trust pre-approved for each entity in our lives. How we know where will be our next wrong step, depends on the our personality. Some makes mistakes by taking personal judgements, some note. Lets say you have family and friends? Would you trust them or not is great issue, because they know your weaknesses and they can indirectly push you in the wrong direction...or not to the wrong direction, but it is not the case. The important thing understand how and why and when you been affected by the family and friends. Maybe you kind of person who believe in academic things, like researches ,books, journals. And here we have another issue, when you have to choose the source which one you will trust and which one will work for your business. In academic world we have now issue when we have theories around the theories which one do not produce results for the businesses. In colleges and universities authorities explain huge amount theories, but practically no one wont test it. Otherwise what point to teach in universities how to run multi billion business for the wage of average worker. No logic. Run...don't teach if you know how. The last more trustful for me it is when you use some people who different to the majority. These guys can teach you things what you can not read nowhere. You will notice them by reading something what you never read before. That is creativity. And that has value. One problem only is to find this kind of people. But...if you need , you will find it. Internal gut will tell you..that is truth.

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