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Who is your customer

At the moment from the open statistics, we can see that we have majority of people are on low income. Strictly speaking your customers are poor. Do not expect to sell something for price higher than your competitor sell. If you enter the market with not unique product, then it is only one chance to increase customer database...it is lower the price. I know that a lot of businesses saying that they are special in something, that they have services better than they competitors...but...people cant pay for that. No matter how good you are, consider that all population is getting poorer. And if you want to have a growth not in unique business, then you need to find the way to make the product cheaper and sell it cheaper. Do not even look to over beat the highest players in your industry, until you will see that you have customers who increase in amount every week or day. In same time if you offer not unique product, you have to somehow shift it to make more unique, if you want to grab customer market share. Customers need to see the difference, such as not paying other businesses 1 dollar, but paying you 1 dollar. In many cases even you drop price till 0.50 cent it wont work, because customer do not see the big difference between the product, and he decide to stay or just need time to make customers to trust you, even if price will be as low as possible. The difference or product uniqueness shift customers faster to your side. In same time this difference should be demanded or tested before introducing to the mass audience.

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