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Who wants you doesn't needs you

In business we tend to measure outcomes, suggestions, building references, making forecasts. Does this really matters and drive sales? No. If customer want to buy something from your shop today, it does not prove that he will buy from your business tomorrow or after one years. What we try measure, usually not measurable. We try explain ourselves something in business based on the facts taken from our past, or from other people pasts, but they had different lives and it is not equate to our current situation. Today in 2019 more and more, customer need express himself through the product and the need of various forms of expression is very high. Culture keep pushing people to have multiple choices especially if they have money, because they want experience from product. And these experience should be not the same as the experienced before. If you want to study how customer will buy product from you, then you need to constantly offer different futures on the top of the existing product. Then you will see which future is better and which one not demanded today. Constant trial and run strategy in that case will be good strategy for your business. It is never ending game, because usually who wants you , doesn't needs you.