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Who, where, how and why

To understand simple in complex we need to ask correct questions. How people make decision to buy, depends on the environment where they are affected. People come to business with personal interest to buy. The attitude towards buying particular product can affect the personal motive to buy this product. Potential customer should have positive attitude. It is some form of psychological contract with the business owner, before making buying decision. The cultural programming mind set affect usually those decisions. A lot of people sometimes can not explain why they buy particular products, for example water in different bottles. It is just the way they are believe in doing right things, in same time without having proper individual explanation. How to sell your service or product to the customer, depends on the how you understand the customer mental activities. Businesses should see mental model of buying decision, from the point when potential customer see the product to the point where customer will be using this product. Lets break the model of the buying process. So first step customer see the product. After that signal sent to the mind and consumer selecting and interpreting this signal. This signal after make him buy or not to buy the product. The businesses job, in order to sell they services or products, to send potential customer correct signal to make him buy. A lot of different businesses send different signals and that why people not buy sometimes your service. You need to learn theory of consumer behaviour. It is when you understand buying decision model completely, then you will be able to sell your product correctly.