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Who you are

The image what you create around the business in many cases seen by others through the different prism. Your business image in many cases at silence...its not seen by others in full picture as you see it. It is impossible, because you can not see other people internal world...psychically you do not have time to learn it and time for understand it. Just admit that we all different and your understanding about your company totally different from other understanding...only some things..but not in major...so your image of business in silent stage for the first few years and until customers and people start calling, writing or contacting you somehow to ask about your company or about you in order to study about your company. But admit...in major it is at silent state. Performance...lets talk about performance. You think your business have high performance or will have?...The answer is in today reality. How it is now? If it is not performing, then it is not performing. Look realistically. That is the answer. Dreams create barriers in today understanding. Imagination...or creativity is good, but please connect it with current performance. You know, a lot of companies put some goals, or expectations...but do not put it as the part of your strategy. Imagination as the expectation in many cases do not connected to the reality. Discard it from current strategy. If you imagine something, like huge profits or so...see it as imagination, but not future performance connected with current performance. Do not connect to the current performance at any cost. Judgement system ...sometimes is wrong sometimes is ok...but with critical thinking. You need to understand that you can not judge from your point of view only. Your judgement nothing until people start asking for it. Otherwise your judgement is no needed to no one. And last thing is reason...who you are? Give are reasonable explanation. Why your business like that and no like other millions of way of existence. Reason...it is understanding everything reasonable...understanding why it is like that and no other way. Now ask question for yourself...who you are and why your business and you...this way, but not like million of other variations. Welcome to the critical thinking world.

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