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Why customer making choice

We buy product for different reasons. Lest start from the discussion about first point what motivate the customer...benefits. The customer buys product because he can see benefits of usage of this product. The benefits in the customer usually have particular models of interaction between the customer and the product. This models usually have also different futures. To make a choice companies should advertise itself by the different consumer-interaction channels. We cant clearly say what particular customer and what another do not like. The easiest method will be to advertise to reach different channels of perception of the object where to we direct our marketing message. The next point is believes systems. If customer believe system is trust to the company or product, then he use it. Lets talk deeper.....if we talk about new product or you want to beat another product or company, with your product...then you need to make his believe system to trust that new solution will be better than old solutions. If it on the same level, then customer wont switch...that why many small companies fail...because they do not offer WOW effect of the different product. The image about the product in the believe system is difficult to shift...not because your product a little bit better, but because the mind naturally to lazy to be reprogrammed on the new level.

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