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Why people buy

When you see many people contacting your business and only small amount buy, at some point you start thinking...what stimulate people in your niche to buy your product. The answer is simple. They buy to solve they problems or fulfil they psychological needs. Sometimes people not satisfy with products, what your business niche sells and no matter how many products is there, they are still looking for something new. That way they looking for better solutions and it is your opportunity to make new product and attract new customers. The interesting fact is that people still making major buying decisions from the trusted sources and to switch trusted source they needed to be stimulated. You can stimulate them in your niche by providing communication. Yes. Simple communications. People need to communicate with you to start trusting. They have to much choice today, but majority of choices do not speak, many of them do not know how to speak, some just expected to customer come to they businesses to make the buying decision and so on. A lot of businesses what exist now do not have proper communications models. To make your business perfect, you need to start communicating with people. Show your personality to them. A lot of them is close and do not start communicating with you straight away, but it needs time. Over time potential customers observing you and more and more your name, business name or brand start appearing in they minds. Then customers makes next step..they start checking you. Maybe writing, calling, contacting somehow with you or putting likes...it is in my case happens like that...in other businesses other tricks happens...but generally they start ...demanding you...they start putting you in they lifestyles, or associating your business with they particular needs. Then usually they coming your customers..you part of they lives..part of they reality....To answer question what I start about why people buy, I can say that ..they buy because they trust in you and your product to solve they internal needs and that in total gives them experience which they want to experience again and again.