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Why someone should choose your business

Different people, different choices. Usually when people visit someone business they want to solve particular problem. If this problem expensive, the design of business should be dressed to impress. As higher amount of spending, as more people want to not waste they time, because they value they live and time. The design of the business should make customer to spend less time and get most of his desires. Information should supported every product or service in less time consuming way. Potential customer do not want to spend hours in understanding your product or business, it should be short and narrow, less words more simplicity. When potential customer want to contact you or buy your product, it should be done in most convinced style for them. They not interested in waiting for the particular time or spending hours in reading descriptions. They want all it now. Over complicated tasks choose simplicity...for customers. It is really hard to design something simple and valuable, but it is possible, if concentrate on the customers needs, rather than on particular idea. If it is will be particular idea, it has to be formatted in the customer preferences way. We sell products for customers, not for matter how good we are.