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Why we believe in good systems

You like to reading books, you like to have a knowledge of new things...latest news...best business practises to improve your business. And you know what...we all miss one important things. The process how we getting that knowledge. We all believe in something good to happen, but not to many teach us ho to make bad to happen. In my reality, we need to learn everything what we want to learn and even how create bad processes in business. But majority of books teach us...do that, like that and something good will happen. How the people can teach us good things if they do not understand bad things? How can we trust them? It is same when someone teach us eat food without telling that someone put poison in this food. You notice my point? We been shown by big systems how to run big businesses, small businesses, how to format strategies, how to vote , politics telling us only good things...all big systems telling good things. They not tell us what is bad in that systems. That how we manipulated by them. If you notice we have bad things sometimes in news, such as incidents, tornado, financial collapses of big companies...but it is not our fall. The biggest institutions will never teach us why company loosing sometimes money, even when they crash...they always tell that it is not they fall. And that way how we manipulated...nobody do not teach us risks. People, big businesses they know the risks, that why they not fall and make the money...they know the bad things of the business. Everywhere we influenced by the systems telling us how to behave in business...and I want you that you understood this. I want you to see that systems around you and how you manipulated by them. Think sometimes when you reading someone or listening...why there are so perfect in his worlds? That how people ignoring the risks. Trust only in your experience. In things around you. If you make mistake,then make it. Do not think that someone will give you advice on how to run effectively business without looses. The real business advisor will tell you not only your benefits, but you possibility of loosing this benefits. In every book I see perfection...it is so funny sometimes.

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