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Why your business making low profit

We create reality of our believes and dreams. We base our believe on something that do not have base, we want to live in that world with our believe, with our not-connected to reality world, where we fill safe. In business a lot of trade-offs happens when we hold our dream and that dream not connected to real business world. As more you loosing money, as much you keep believing in non-existing things, business models, your mental models, as more you will continue loosing where other see multiple opportunities. With strong believe in something, we loosing opportunity to get new and more valuable into our lives. In business that velocity, when we running with same old tricks around same sort of business model, we create death model of functions, where all theories, strategies die every week. It is natural, it is business. Nowadays our businesses connected to the risk factor, where no one can describe what happening. To be in trade today, it takes every day research to not loose market pulse. Today more and more businesses coming to the market, who can be described as the business, And it is competitiveness. Businesses today have more deeply hidden links. They are more difficult to explain, because they have many interconnections with non-explained businesses functions, connected to organic survival on the market, rather than concentrated on strategy of market. It is more complicated models, which we actually cant call models, but they looks similar. It is survival strategies, which executed naturally to produce kind of movements and executions, in order to be more competitive and progressive over other businesses which decline on the market. #entrepreneur #montag #success #motivation #sonntag #fitfam #love #money #mcfit #lifestyle #gesund #inspiration #instagood #socialmedia #urlaub #life #instagram #follow #fashion #like #work #design #socialmediamarketing #businessowner #mindset #likeforfollow #likeforlikes #arbeit