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Why your company not perform

Because you not perform. If we tends to believe that company will be perform and we truly believe in it, then everybody around will be performing. It is wrong to take people based on they experience or past performance. In different company people tends to perform differently. It is better to hire people who believe in your company performance, not with 100 years of experience and past performance. It is not related. Past performance it is past performance and under new conditions people will be performing differently. If you believe that by hire people with wealth of experience and knowledge will bring you money, that is completely wrong. If you judge only based on experience of judgement of people around you, then it is again completely wrong. Especially if those people not giving your company performance no lower than 5% per year, otherwise they telling you stories which one you like to listen. It is usually career makers, who truly believe that performance related to the network with they boss, which usually lead company to underperform on the long term bases. If you have positive believe that you pay people enough to perform, if culture is for people, if you believe deeply that it is truth and you not saving money, cut the wages, benefits and so on, then people will grow with you. Otherwise in long term your business start declining. Company owner is teacher for employees. As much teacher will be interacting with students and truly believe in positive performance of those students, as much company will grow. #positiveperformance #businessperformance #growyourbusiness #lovebusiness businessnotperform #businessboss #hirepeople #expiriencedoesntmatter