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You are not what you are now

Ask your employee or yourself about why you do the job. And if the answer will be more about the money, then that why your business not growing. People who do the tasks which they are in love with perform better than others, because they not getting tied. It is same when you wake up every morning and you love your live....understand?....you live your live. But when somebody wake up in the morning and do something what he do not like to do, then others people suffer and he consume more energy, because he need to push himself to do something. Not many people who are living they lives. On the job they coming only to get money. When people who love they jobs coming to the job, they are give more energy towards organisational performance. And yes, all people have sad moment, or bad, or any situations in they lives, which usually affects they jobs, but people who love they jobs know that , if today bad day, tomorrow will be better. Usually engagement in companies processes raise companies profit by 57% on average per year. So think who work with you. If you not rising, then..maybe problem in you, because you can not see the good people who perform...You know the law of attraction...the bad to bad, the good to good. And don't think that you either good or bad...if it is not work in your company, then it is o one else, but your problem. Start think differently. Start thinking outside the your mind map. The things around you are more wider than you think. Do not think that live is only about that things what is in your mind now. Educate yourself. Read. Listen. Do something. But your live is much wider in opportunities, than you think. The reality is you perception. That what you create. You create reality where you live now. But...what about if I will tell you that you are now just situation where are you now...and live consist from different situations...and opportunities come when you are in different situations...so create different situation to push different reality inside of you. You are not what you are now.