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You can only survive if you are creative

Creativity is the key. If you are creative, there are no monopoly on that things. You are free to grow with your creativeness. Every business has potential to grow, but not to many use creativeness for growth. Most business use copy-paste strategies. In order to grow your business you need to concentrate on delivering high-mobile areas of growth. As more mobile this areas will be ,as more flexible in changing structure of the business you will be. You notice probably that high-growth companies do fail, and main reason why they fail it is loosing ability to be creative and mobile...that mix create for them crush...when they fail to use it. If your company do not use creativity, it not grow. Simple as that. No creativity-no high profits. The each area of business has potentiality to grow, if you are creative. Creativity doesn't has to be inside of you now, because it can be developed. As more you read/listen people who are not like other people in business, the more you develop your creativity. You do not have to copy all ideas into your business, because it is lead to the business failure. In order to grow, you has to make ideas suitable for your business. And it is mean, to be more creative, to see the things what other wont see. See the opportunity in nothing. That way you will grow. Creativity today is cheapest strategy for growth.

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