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You resist innovation naturally

Markets usually resist new ideas and new products. Kind of comfort zone to stay with and stuck with the old patterns. But....innovation possible if you are plays against monopolies or cartels. There rules well defined and despite they have more money than you...with innovation you break the rules. The main resistant in innovation process is you, because you believe how product should looks like by looking on other businesses. And other businesses look on the top monopolies in they industries. You know the is not what you think. Product created by monopolistic companies is not product...i mean it is something what they want to call the product, but this entity just took this form and they decide to call it product. That is the secret. You see what they show you. You being affected. You being programmed with society around, with they adverts, with they power of influence. But this is just something what really doesn't matter for you. Break this boundaries of standards or perception of the product...that it is not the what you think as role model or example. You cant create something based on nothing. And that nothing just promoted by the fake media supported with money. If I tell you 100 times about something, one day you start believing into that. No matter what it is...especially if it will be widely advertised. So break this barriers to concentrate on other companies, on other people, other strategies...make something for you. Check how its working. Disconnect yourself from role-models or examples from business world. Make that what you like without asking someone who affected. I scared people who have education, experience ...i scared ...naturally...because they think in patterns...they have been programmed to think only that way. And millions of people with high education like that. I don't remember when last time I seen the people who speak naturally without programmed patterns...only on internet...but still they tell 10% or less useful things, other 90% is same as everybody else. Innovation it is when you not connect to the main ideas,because they used by the millions of other people who constantly fail and keep believing in same-as-others-patterns that next time will be something different. Break this. Create your strategy. Build your own ideas. Live your live. Wake up.