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Your and business growth

Can you describe yourself? Your business? Who are you? You know that by answering this questions you limit yourself to the growth. Yes, you create that image and stuck with it. Doesn't matter how much success you had in past. Doesn't matter how much unlucky you are. It doesn't matter. By sticking with that memories, with mental images you limit yourself for your future growth. You are nothing and everything. If you have explanation of yourself, then you are that what you can explain, but you will never grow because you put yourself into prison. That way of thinking damaging your future. Discard it. You are who you want to be in the future and you doing everything to achieve it. That it. Past is not your growth. Future is your growth. Everything what happened in past, is just happened because it suppose to happen. You can not create environment around. Environment dictate more than you. So if you not expert in environment...like majority of people, then it doesn't matter what happens in past. It doesn't matter. On your place could be another guy, but you was there. So do not look on past. If you want to grow you need think about the future. Design vision for your growth in your mind. Support it with relevant things around it. Do something to support your vision. Just do. You want motivation for business growth? Create. You create. You better know yourself than anybody else. You reading or listening somebody? Ok. Anyway majority of people need mentors. But do not do something personal in your business growth. Every day learn something new. That is exercise for you and your business. To not get old. To be able to deal with new situations more quickly? No experience? Doesn't matter. Learn. Get knowledge. When situation arise, your brain will use this knowledge. That way you will get experience. And yes...do not forget to do something new for your business....some strategies, suggestions, improvements, change....you need grow...grow without limits.

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