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You are not alone

Businesses and customers always exist. It is not are problem. If you start understanding that people around you and society around you as a whole can be your potential customers, then you start improving yourself as the business. That knowledge level bring you understanding that complex system created in business books or society is not exist. Instead it is programmed, because someone interesting you to believe in that things. While you believe, other who have uniqueness of the personality doing other things. They make money. If you look outside of your business, you will see that a lot of people passing and look at your business. It is all yours potential customers. Think wide. Why do they not buy? Because you want them to buy your product. That tension inside of you create tension inside of the businesses. You cant think other way, but only to make money. You create limitation. Limitation create block in choices. As everybody know that in 2019 people more interested in multi services of the same product. If you limit yourself in thinking only about money, you create only one narrow way of thinking. Start thinking wider. Do not think about how to make money. Think about how to entertain customer. While walking near your business customer want to have experience. Create and give him that experience. You choose what experience it is should be. Create all whole process of the taking customer from the door until he walk out from your business. You are not alone. There are lot of people around you who want to buy your product. Change yourself. Create.