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Your business is you

No matter how god or bad your business, a lot of things inside of it came from your personality. If you make profit or not making anything you need to refer outcome to your personality. As deeper you understand yourself, as better outcome of your business will be tomorrow. Do not blame someone if something wrong going on inside of your business. The first point of blame it is you. After when you start understanding that you actually can run the world around you, everything in your business will be as you want. The difference and uniqueness is your power. All operations inside of the business mechanisms is created by you. Your mistakes, it is not mistakes, it is just trial and run strategies towards finding yourself. Start from understanding yourself and your business reflect it. Not attach yourself to any problems or external things. If something happens outside of your business, it is they problem. Do not waste your life in solving for someone problems for free. Concentrate on your business, on your strategy, on your business outcome. As better your business will be doing, as more happy people will be around you. Start creating happiness from you, from your business. And you will attract a lot of people around where some of them become your customers. The main point remember, that your business is your business, if someone ask for help, charge money. Your time is not free and you can not waste your live on someone's problems. Your business is you.