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Your choice is limited

In business customer or owner very often make the choice, like buying, trading, participate, substitute and so on. The choice what we have usually limited. People who think beyond the limits, usually make choice different from people who limited in decisions. Usually people who think beyond the limits make money in business or just own more information than ordinary limited choice makers. Choice usually comes from our past behaviour, from our historical events, from our wishes and experience. That why if you have new product or business, you should understand that new things is not accepted straight away. People has to have time to make the choice. As more variety of choice your business can offer, as more possibility that people will buy something from you. People usually buy not that they really need, but that what they want. To make them want to buy something, they have to have the choice. In major, if we talk about services in business or products which is used by the majority of people, we can notice that people have limited choices and because of that, they making wrong decisions. Usually, when people want to buy something from particular niche, they study the products, companies and make preferences based on they opinions. Opinions in majority are wrong, otherwise every guy around you was the billionaire. And big businesses know that. That why your business product not that important compared to the marketing around it. I think if you decision maker in business or in your live, then choice as the subject itself should be rejected as the decision. You must know what you want in your live, instead of making choice. The choice usually made between something and unknown. The more you know, the less your choice will be. As more choice you have, as less knowledge you have about each particular choice. Choice in this context create dream. You think that you have choices between something, but when you start making that choices you usually understand that it is just your imagination of choice and choice outcome is totally different compared to your imagination before you decide to make that choice.

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