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Your company strategy is someone strategy

You set a plan, your run a business...Is other businesses around you thinking the same? We all tends to think that we run our specific strategies and no other strategies can beat our super-strategies. I can tell you for sure, how to run your business and start making more money. All strategies what you have in your head is also strategies of other people. As more you sacrifice them as longer you will be thinking that your strategies are unique as longer you will say on the same level on the development. All that letters, numbers, thoughts are already inside of other businesses. Stop thinking that you are unique and start breaking next level. With that level of thinking you not develop yourself and your business. Open your mind. Do you have superior knowledge, so use it today and make your dream happen today,now. Not working? Postponed for tomorrow or other time? That is the prove that you are ordinary thinker and need to move to the next level of the expansion. You need expand, and expansion should start inside of you. Yes, I know that you are power, you have money, you know better something than others, but this is not enough. If you want to run big business you need keep expanding, in thoughts, expanding in thinking, expanding in relationships, expanding in everything where your intuition is going, ...but not staying with same pattern of thinking. Move towards something new, get new experience, get new thoughts. Expand.